Plan The Course

Plan the Course helps women, veterans, business owners and executives with families. We specialize in Family Estate Mediation and Consulting.


Our mission is to provide families an opportunity to grow and thrive by harnessing their gifts and talents to strengthen the family in a wholistic way.

We believe these five pillars create a strong and lasting foundation. 

                    Financial Literacy
               Team Building
                   Legacy Planning


CEO/Founder & Final Moments Coach

Plan the Course™

“I am a small town girl with big dreams and the tenacity to go after them. I firmly believe that when we understand our purpose in life is to be the example for others, each step we take into the unknown is a leap of faith that gives us an opportunity to leave a path for those who journey after us. Conflict and disappointments can lead to victorious outcomes when we look at them as challenges to be conquered instead of opportunities to give up.”
Radiah Mallard is a retired Army Officer and Iraq war Veteran. She served honorably for 22 years. Her achievements include serving on the Navy Honor Guard, earning top awards from the Department of the Army for excellence in her field and serving on the General’s staff as a Liason and mediator between military and their civilian counterparts. She is highly experienced in project management and has a heart for serving her family and her community. Having to leave her family for combat made her understand that an insurance policy and a will are not enough to keep the lights on when you are gone and they are a far cry from leaving a legacy.
Harnessing her experiences in leadership and in life coupled with her skills as a Nationally Certified Professional in Mediation, Radiah is committed to strengthening family legacies by providing a solution focused approach to legacy planning. Together, she and her clients build foundational processes based on family team building, conflict resolution, multigenerational strategy, sustainment practices and philanthropy as a means to build a legacy.

You‘re a Self-Starter,

but did you know that a Final Moments Concierge can save you hours of frustration?

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