When our body dies, we live on in the memories of our friends and loved ones. In addition to the purchase of caskets, gravestones or urns, why not consider leaving a legacy of hope to someone in need? This page has options and resources for both.

Legacy through Giving

Philanthropy benefits mental health

Philanthropy is about looking outside yourself and helping others. For most people, this fosters a strong sense of personal fulfillment. People who feel like they have a purpose and are making a positive impact on the world tend to have better emotional health. Research shows that generosity can reduce stress and symptoms of depression. When volunteering with others, philanthropy can also reduce a person’s loneliness., "10 Reasons Why Philanthropy"

When faced with loss, the last thing we want to do is think about someone elses' needs...but studies have shown that giving is and antidote for depression. Consider leaving a legacy through giving to you or your loved ones favorite cause or volunteering with a local nonprofit.

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